Candida Tongue

Candida tongue infection can be very irritating and painful for people to experience. It is caused by the yeast Candida albicans which is naturally found in all humans in managed quantities. Candida yeast is harmless until they start spreading anonymously and cause severe infections. However, these oral Candida infections are not deadly and there are several ways by which we can treat them. Candida tongue or oral thrush is nothing but a white coating formed over the tongue. This layer is formed while you sleep or sometimes during the day. This white layer over the tongue can cause bad breath and one can even lose the sensation of taste. Moreover, this white layer formation also indicates that the person is may have some sort of imbalance in their natural gut flora.
Candida tongue or oral thrush often occurs in kids and toddlers, where there is a formation of white bumps on the inner cheeks and tongue. This type of infection is can be due to various causes including recent antibiotic use or a high sugar diet. Adults with a weakened immune system might feel uneasy with this infection in the mouth with discomfort whilst eating food, and a loss sense of taste in the mouth. People treated for cancer can develop this infection due to the extreme vulnerability of the immune system. Even in the elderly such symptoms are observable.


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Candida Tongue Infection in Denture Wearers

A study published in 2006 observed the occurrence rate of oral Candida in cases of patients wearing dentures. The examination consisted of treatment in two clinical departments. Mycological samples from dentures were collected and studied in 95 patients. 66.7% of people wearing dentures were affected with Candida albicans species, while only 28.9% of those without dentures were affected.

This study simply showed that patients, mainly elderly having dentures are more prone to get affected with Candida albicans species than those patients who are living without dentures. The possible causes for this may be due to leaving bits of food stuck onto the dentures, or not cleaning the dentures properly overnight. So, dentures wearers need to take more care in washing their dentures properly, and ensure that they soak their false teeth overnight in a denture cleaning solution.


What Can Cause Candida Tongue Infection?

  • It may be simple oral thrush which happens every morning. One can check for Candida using the saliva test at home. Spitting some saliva into a clear glass of cold water in the morning and checking if there are any suspended particles and string like things formed in the water. If they do, then this is a sure sign of oral Candida.

  • Smoking can cause white tongue. If this is not temporary, one must check with a doctor.

  • Chronic inflammation and persistent white patches inside of the mouth can lead to leucoplakia or precancerous lesions.

  • Diet high in surgery foods.

  • Diabetes can get this infection from time to time.

  • Prolonged use of antibiotics.

  • People with weakened immune systems, including those suffering from AIDs are more prone to oral Candida infection.


Symptoms of the Candida Tongue Infection

When Candida starts growing with time, the fungus starts causing an infection. This is when the following symptoms can be seen:

  • White bumps or lesions inside the mouth and inner cheeks and gums.

  • Itchy pain in the places where bumps have formed.

  • Dry and cracked skin at the corner of the mouth.

  • Burning sensation and slight bleeding when the bumps are scraped.

  • Sometimes difficulty in swallowing

It is often seen that babies develop Candida tongue and mouth infection. This can get passed to the mother during breastfeeding. Although, none of it is severely harmful, but the mother may feel itchiness in the nipples, flaking of the skin around the nipples, pain during breastfeeding and other pain in breast. But it could also be the other way round as well when the mother passes it to their child. Always seek advice from your doctor for treating babies and children with oral Candida.


Treatment for Adults:

The best way to Treat your Candida Thrush infection is you may want to choose an all natural alternative/therapy to completely get rid of the total presence of such Candida overgrowth in the long term. See the: 12hr All Natural Candida treatment by clicking here!

This all natural therapy is rated highly by former Thrush suffers which have now completely recovered, and it uses only all natural solutions to eradicate Thrush infection from the root source.
Candida tongue and oral infection can also be treated with various antifungal sprays and tablets. Consulting a doctor is always suggested as he/she examines the mouth and tongue for the related symptoms. To keep a control on the growth of Candida inside the mouth, keeping your mouth clean and fresh is very important. Brushing of teeth with a soft brush is also recommended. Using salt water to rinse mouth is also useful. If the infection persists even after treatment, one must consult their doctor again to try alternate medication before it reaches a critical level.
Some antifungal medicines include:

  • Nystatin is an antifungal spray or drops. Take some of it and whirl inside mouth and swallow it.

  • Fluconazole and clotrimazole are some common medicines that also keep Candida growth under control.

  • Iitraconazole is an antifungal agents used for patients suffering from HIV to prevent them from forming fungal infection.


Using Probiotics:

A study published in 2007 looked to see the effects of taking probiotics in reducing the prevalence of oral Candida in the elderly. The study was conducted for 16 weeks, it was randomized, double-blind and placebo controlled with 276 elderly people with 136 of them having probiotic cheese weighing 50g each day and 140 having control cheese of same weight per day. Results showed probiotic intervention had reduced the amount of yeast by 75% which was worth the applause.

It showed that in the elderly with the consumption of about 50g of probiotic cheese per day could reduce the colonization of Candida by 75% in a time period of 16 weeks. Its not necessary for a treatment with probiotics to last as long as 16 weeks, but having probiotics beverages over the long-term are a good way of preventing reoccurring Candida infections in the long term.



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